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Dear Justice Mailers,

As I sat down to promote a social justice campaign this morning, I honestly had no idea where to start. 

The uncertainty of the EU Referendum outcome is here to stay for a while yet.  I did my usual scan of the websites of the many wonderful charities we promote and notice the same sense of inertia – very few new campaigns or comments on our political turmoil.

Rather than fish around and send out something to reassure myself that the world is still turning, instead I write to you.

Whilst politicians can’t sneeze without it being a news item, our role as Campaigning Christians is to stand in solidarity, consistent with Bible teaching, with those who aren’t heard in corridors of power, such as “widows, orphans, those in need of protection and shelter”.   Such people, as in Biblical times, are often scapegoated as the cause of our problems.

I’m reminded again of Jesus’ challenge to his followers:  “When I was hungry you fed me, when I was thirsty you gave me something to drink, in prison you visited me, naked you clothed me…”.  
All around us today, in so many ways, there are many hungry, thirsty, trapped & vulnerably naked people. 

I invite you to join me this week:  praying for help to reject fear & seek love; 
to love our neighbours & dare seek Jesus in the face of such people all around us.

This begins as private prayer but must become visible too: “You are the light of the world”.    Our Good News, remains a firm foundation in the seemingly sinking sand of political and economic structures.

If you’ve never posted on the Justice Mail facebook or twitter page, please do.  This is where our voice joins our brothers & sisters in numbers which cannot be ignored. This is a powerful way to encourage one another & speak up  for what continues to matter.


Yours faithfully,
Revd Zoe Heming