Justice Mail Constitution

1. This constitution was adopted on 8th May 2010
2. The name of the body shall be Justice Mail
3. The objects of the organisation shall be:
a. To educate members of the public, especially members of churches in active   citizenship
b. To do this particularly in the areas of social justice both national and international including the prevention and relief of poverty, the promotion of health and the saving of lives, the defence and promotion of human rights, the advancement of environmental protection, and the relief of those in need.
c. To provide any person, or group of persons who wishes to receive it, regular information regarding actions which may be taken in accordance with objectives a + b.
d. In pursuance of the above objectives to maintain and extend various forms of electronic communication.

4. Trustees
a. Each member organisation shall be entitled to appoint two trustees who shall hold office for a period no longer than two years and who will be eligible for re-appointment.
b. The trustees so appointed shall form the Board of Directors of the   organisation.
c. The trustees shall appoint from amongst their number a chair, a secretary, a treasurer and any other officers necessary to the efficient performance of the objectives of the organisation.
d. The Board of Directors shall communicate with each other primarily by email but may from time to time meet face to face.
e. The secretary shall keep minutes of any decisions made by the Board and shall communicate such minutes to all member organisations of the charity.

5. Membership
a. Membership shall be open to the parish church council, or the governing body and/or management committee of any local church or congregation, the national body of which is a member of Churches Together In Britain and Ireland and any other institution as may be approved by the trustees from time to time.
b. The Trustees must keep a register of names and addresses of the member organisations which must be made available to any member organisations upon request.
c. From time to time but no longer than an interval of two years between meetings the trustees shall invite member organisations to take part in an electronic or face to face meeting at which meeting the secretary shall present a report describing the activities of the organisation since the last meeting of the member organisations.

6. Finance
a. The Board of Directors shall have authority to open a bank account if and when funds become available. The account shall be in the name of Justice Mail and shall be operated at the signature of the treasurer and one other trustee.
b. A financial statement shall be included in every report submitted to the member organisations.

7. Changes to the constitution
When agreed by a two thirds majority of the trustees, proposed changes in the constitution shall be submitted for approval by the member organisations and shall come into force when two thirds of the member organisations have given their consent.

8. Users of Justice Mail services
a. People who join Justice Mail, as referred to in 3.c. above by requesting that their names should be added to one of the various electronic lists and who thus receive the regular action requests shall be described as “individual members” to distinguish them from the member organisations who are the owners of Justice Mail.