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Justice Mail Action 30th September 2012

Free Political Prisoners in Burma

Dear Justice Mail friends,

Slow progress is being made towards democratic freedom in Burma and there is still a long way to go. Please go to the Burma Campaign site and take the action regarding freeing political prisoners. You can use the link below.

Free Political Prisoners in Burma

John Andrews
The Church of the Martyrs
Leicester Martyrs’ Justice Mail

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Justice Mail Action 15th September 2012

Dear Justice Mail Friends

Campaigners in Zimbabwe are calling for a debt audit to increase transparency and accountability, learn lessons from past lending and borrowing, and find out whether or not all the debts are legitimate.

Although Zimbabwe stopped paying much of its debt in the year 2000 Zimbabweans simply don’t know the origins of all the $7 billion debt, nor who benefited from the loans in the first place.

Use the Jubilee Debt Campaigns link below to email Donald Kaberuka, the President of the African Development Bank, which is leading the discussions among Zimbabwe’s creditors, and ask him to support a democratic audit of Zimbabwe’s debts.

Mike Cross

Kings Heath All Saints

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