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Justice Mail Action 22nd June 2013

Dear Justice Mail Friends

Food poverty is growing out of control in the UK. Half a million people are dependent on emergency food aid. And the single biggest cause of this hunger is the unfair benefits system.

People turn to food banks because they cannot get crisis loans, because benefits are delayed, and because benefit sanctions have left them with nothing to live on. The sanctions regime has gone too far, and is leading to mass destitution. Benefit cuts and the introduction of Universal Credit are likely to make the situation worse.

Church Action on Poverty and Oxfam are calling for an inquiry into the links between benefit sanctions and food poverty. Use the link below to send an urgent message to your MP, asking them to call for the House of Commons Select Committee for Work and Pensions to launch an inquiry.


Mike Cross All Saints Kings Heath

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Justice Mail Action 5th June 2013

I am sure you are all familiar with the widespread demand for the government to initiate a financial transaction tax, popularly known as the Robin Hood Tax. Many of you will have taken part in the Robin Hood Tax advocacy event which has been staged in Birmingham City Centre for a couple of years in early December. There is now a movement to encourage local city councils to pass motions in favour of the adoption of the tax, and several cities have already done so. Follow the link below to send your email to your local city councillors.

Thank you for taking this action to promote financial justice in Britain.

Yours faithfully
John Hull
Queen’s Foundation

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