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Justice Mail Request 20th November 2013

Dear All,

You will have read about the efforts being made by Greenpeace to prevent oil exploration in the Arctic, and how the Russians have arrested 30 people including 28 Greenpeace activists accusing them of piracy and hooliganism.  These justice and peace people have now been held for more than 50 days in Russian prisons, and face prison sentences of many years if convicted.  We are being urged by Greenpeace to e-mail to Russian embassies protesting about this flagrant abuse of human rights.  Follow the link below to send your message:


Take this action to release the captives!

Many thanks,
John Andrews
Church of the Martyrs, Leicester

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Justice Mail Action 6th Nov 2013

Dear Justice Mail Friends

On November 24th 2012 112 garment workers were killed when fire ripped through their factory, Tazreen Fashions. Many of the workers jumped to their deaths trying to escape from the six story building, others, unable to escape the blaze, were burned alive. Up to 300 workers were hurt in the fire, 48 of which are suffering from long term injuries.

These workers were employed by Tazreen Fashions to make clothing for a host of international brands, including the British clothing retailer Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

Use the link below to send an email to Edinburgh Woollen Mill and call on them to take on their responsibility for Tazreen workers!


Mike Cross
All Saints Kings Heath

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