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Justice Mail Action 19th March 2014

Dear Justice Mail Friends

Open pit coal mines are responsible for vast destruction and forced displacements of whole communities in the developing world. Coal is also a major contributor to climate change. The problems are exacerbated by the UK financial sector which is funding a coal boom in the global south with investments worth billions of pounds.

The UK government has already announced that it will stop UK aid money from funding coal-fired power stations. However, there is an urgent need for tougher regulation on coal finance if we want to stop the on-going devastation of communities and the planet.

Please use the link below to join the World Development Organisation’s call for regulation by emailing Ed Davey, secretary of state for Energy and Climate Change, and Justine Greening, secretary of state for International Development.

Mike Cross
All Saints Kings Heath

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Justice Mail Action 2nd March 2013

Dear All,

Save the Children ask us to sign their petition to David Cameron asking for more training for midwives to help survival rates of new born children and their mothers. Please see link below and sign up!

The Prime Minister can lead a global breakthrough in tackling the crisis in first day deaths by spurring the world into training and funding more life-saving midwives.

Sign our petition urging him to sign up to our Newborn Promise.

Save The Children – New Born Babies

John Andrews
The Church of the Martyrs

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