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Justice Mail Action 28th Feb 2015

Dear Justice Mail friends,

As we approach Easter and perhaps are already looking forward to great meals in Easter week, I write to tell you about the way the UK government is encouraging deals with Monsanto, a huge American multinational agrochemical corporation specialising in the production of genetically engineered seed.  Attention has been drawn to this by Global Justice Now, which used to be called the World Development Movement.  This is an excellent campaigning organisation and you could follow its website regularly for all sorts of dark doings they discover!

If you follow the link below, you will get their description of the pressure which the government of Ghana is under to legislate to give Monsanto access to their farmers and how the local farmers are trying to resist.  It is outrageous that rich western governments are encouraging these big companies without giving due consideration to the impact upon the lives of the poor.  When you have followed the link, you will come to a form to send to your local MP asking them to become alert to this issue.  This is the time to do it so please take action now.

Resist corporate food takeover

John Hull
Queen’s Justice Mail

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Justice Mail Action 14 February 2015

Dear Justice Mail Friends,

Over the last few years, Santander has loaned millions to a pulp and paper company called APRIL that is chopping down Indonesia’s rainforests at an alarming rate.

Use the link below to tell Santander to stop financing extinction.


Mike Cross
All Saints Justice Mail

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