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Justice Mail Action 30th May

Dear Justice Mail Friends

The benefits sanction system is a scandal.  Many of you will have had experience of desperate people  whose meagre allowance has been cut, often for some quite trivial reason.  Join Church Action on Poverty and support the recent report of the churches ‘Time to Rethink Benefits Sanctions’ by following the link below.  This will take you to an online letter you can send to your MP.  Introduce your letter with a comment about yourself, why you are writing or something to personalise your message.

Reform benefits sanctions system

What do you mean by crushing my people and grinding the faces of the poor?’ (Isaiah 3.15)

Do you share the Divine indignation?

Yours Faithfully
Queens Justice Mail

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Justice Mail Action 16th May

Dear Justice Mail Friends,

A global culture of financial secrecy allows some unscrupulous firms to dodge tax – and rob poor countries of more than $160bn a year. Christian Aid states, “We must have a Tax Dodging Bill that will help crack down on tax avoidance and raise funds to fight poverty here in the UK and in developing countries. “

Use the link below to email David Cameron and ask him to make a Tax Dodging Bill a priority for the new government.

Tax Justice Bill

Mike Cross
All Saints Justice Mail

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