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Justice Mail Action 16 October 2015

Dear Justice Mail Friends,

In 2015 the UK passed a law which created a public register of beneficial ownership in the UK. This has helped reveal who truly owns companies in the UK, uncover who is dodging tax and hold them to account. However, for it to work properly, the UK’s Overseas Territories also need to play ball. Otherwise, companies can just turn to them for secrecy.

Use the Christian Aid link below to call on David Cameron to show leadership and ensure that all seven British Overseas Territories with financial centres adopt public registers of beneficial ownership

Stop Tax Dodgers

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Justice Mail Action 5th October 2015

Dear Justice Mail Friends,

Coal pollution is the single biggest driver of climate change on the planet – which means that harmful emissions from coal-fired power stations are causing more and more extreme weather, destroying crops and food supplies, and pushing more vulnerable people into hunger every day.

Use the Oxfam Link below to ask David Cameron to:

  • Produce a concrete plan to stop burning climate-wrecking coal by 2023
  • Take a lead in encouraging other rich countries to phase out fossil fuels, starting with dirty coal
  • Push for a fair and ambitious deal at the UN climate talks, and pledge the UK’s fair share of finance to help the world’s poorest adapt to climate change

Mike Cross



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