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Justice Mail Action 28th Jan 2016

Dear Justice Mail Friends,

The government has proposed changes to the way local authorities in England and Wales invest their members’ pension funds. These changes would allow central government to block investment decisions made on ethical grounds by democratically elected local authorities, for example not to invest in the arms trade.

The Government consultation on this proposal ends on Feb 19th. Use the Campaign Against the Arms Trade’s link below to voice your objection to these changes.

Mike Cross


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Justice Mail Action 13th Jan 2016

Dear Justice Mail Friends

Right now, the 80 richest people have the same wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest people. The richest get richer, while millions of people struggle for food, water and shelter.

Use the link below to join Oxfam in calling on David Cameron to fight extreme inequality in Britain today.

Even it Up

Mike Cross
All Saints Kings Heath


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