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Justice Mail Action 19th January 2017

Dear All Saints Justice Mail Friends,

Councils spend billions of pounds each year on goods and services. This puts them in a powerful position to insist on minimum ethical standards, including the payment of the correct amount of tax, from the companies that they do business with.

Use the Christian Aid link below to email your local councillor(s) and ask them to incorporate tax compliance measures into their procurement procedures – measures that are already compulsory for central government contracts worth more than £5m.

Mike Cross

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Justice Mail Action 5th January 2017

Dear Justice Mail Friends,

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade writes:

Imagine a world where instead of fuelling conflict and repression, the UK took real action to tackle the biggest threat we face: climate change. That world is possible – if we shift priorities from arms to renewables.

Offshore wind and marine energy have amazing potential for the UK. CAAT’s research shows that they could support more jobs than the entire arms industry using the skills of arms trade workers. These would be better jobs for the workers and for all of us: jobs in an industry which is growing not declining, which create a safer, rather than a more dangerous, world.

Sign the CAAT petition asking the government to shift resources from arms to renewables, to create more and better jobs and a safer world for all:


Take Action

Mike Cross

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