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Justice mail Action 18th April 2017

Dear Justice Mail Friends,

It is now estimated that 90% of seabirds have ingested some plastic & an increasing amount is ending up on our plates in the stomachs of the fish we eat.

Coca Cola produce and dump (rather than recycle) around 100 billion bottles per year.

Use the link below to join the Greenpeace campaign asking them to protect God’s creation and creatures alike by changing the way they make their plastics (they are getting less, not more recyclable!).

Mike Cross.
All Saints Justice Mail

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Justice Mail Action 4th April 2017

Dear Justice Mail Friends,

Just a few days into 2017, and the UK broke its air pollution limit for the entire year.

Air pollution in the UK causes 40,000 premature deaths each year. Lots of things contribute to this crisis, but there’s one obvious place to start – the thousands of new diesel cars rolling onto our roads every day. Diesel cars were sold as a green choice, but carmakers lied about how much they pollute. The government admits there’s a problem, but they’re not doing nearly enough to fix it.

Now the European commission has issued a ‘final warning’ to UK over air pollution breaches.

Sign the Green Peace petition to tell Theresa May to cut diesel pollution

Mike Cross
All saints Justice mail

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