About Justice Mail

Justice Mail is sponsored by local churches

Justice Mail is an organisation sponsored by a number of local churches seeking to give support to peace and justice campaigns being organised in Britain.

This is done through asking church members and others to give us their email addresses. Each church creates a list of its own email addresses. Every other week requests for email action are sent to members of the list.

Our history

We began to work together in 2004 when two churches, one in Birmingham and one in Leicester, discovered that they were each campaigning in the same way.

In 2010 we became a bit more organised, drawing up a constitution and agreeing it at the first meeting of the founding managers. The constitution was amended in 2012.

Justice Mail growth

Justice Mail has grown slowly but steadily. We now have five churches, each with its own list, and we have added our own Facebook page and blog.

We now have about 500 active members. On other pages you will find our names and the churches from which we come. You will also find information about contacting us, joining Justice Mail, starting your own list and other details of how we work.