Starting a new Justice Mail list

Starting a new Justice Mail list is straightforward.

You do not need to register your group on this website.  You can do it yourself as described below

  1. If you are a church member you might want to share the idea with 2 or 3 friends in the church and then speak to your vicar or minister and gain her or his support.
  2. Ask that the PCC or church council agree to support a Justice Mail list running from the church.
  3. Once you have agreed to start a list in your Church, contact us at:   Please tell us more about your group and the ideas you have for your list.  We can then offer you advice and support.
  4. Publicise in your church and ask people to give you their email addresses.
  5. You may choose to do this by advertising in the church newsletter or giving a notice in church.

 Running a Justice Mail List

  1. Managing a list is very quick and easy and can take from 1 to 20 minutes per fortnight.
  2. Find the websites of the organisations on our lists and bookmark these in your browser.
  3. In your email programme, set up a distribution list consisting of the email addresses you have collected.
  4. Every fortnight either select an action that has been sent out by one of the other managers or choose an action from one of the websites on the Justice Mail organisations list.
  5. Some Justice Mail groups decide to select three or so themes for the year to focus on. You may wish to do this or start with a wide range of actions.
  6. Take the action yourself to ensure that it works properly.
  7. Once you have the action selected compose a standard email. See the emails sent out by other managers.
  8. Make sure you use the Justice Mail Logo on your email.
  9. Embed a hyperlink to the action you have selected in the email.
  10. Address the email to yourself and enter the distribution group into Bcc.
  11. It is important that you use Bcc so that the privacy of those on your list is protected.
  12. Send the email.
  13. Repeat every two weeks.
  14. You have now become a Justice Mail list manager! Your church can nominate you and one other person as its representatives to attend the Justice Mail annual general meeting. You may stand for election to the Board of Trustees. If the members elect you, you will be able to take an active and leading part in the development of Justice Mail.